Bolivian DNA: Amazonia . The 'Road of Death' leads to an ancient and disappearing tribe

Colourful, fascinating and diverse, Bolivia lures adventurers from across the globe. TV host and journalist Pavel Selin is no exception: he’s been dreaming about seeing the country high in the Andes for 25 years. He travels from Russia, to discover a land of spectacular beauty, indigenous people, coca leaves and ‘Brother-President’ Evo Morales. Pavel’s longtime friend, Ramiro Rivero, will guide him through his Bolivian journey.

As their Bolivian journey comes to an end, Pavel and Ramiro set off for the Amazon. The route is dangerous along a deep valley with steep slopes. The two brave the ‘Death Road’ to get to the heart of the Bolivian Amazon, the city of Riberalta. 

Once there, they watch traditional cockfighting and even have a bet on a brave-looking rooster called Pajiso. Pavel also gets to meet Ramiro’s family, including his brother – Wigberto Rivero, known as Chaca. 

Some years ago, Chaca came across the Pacahuara tribe in the middle of the rainforest. He takes Pavel and Ramiro to meet the Pacahuaras. The once-thriving tribe now consists of two brothers and two sisters. 

Pavel and Ramiro trek through the jungle, honing their machete skills and learning how indigenous people make a living. Pavel finds out how to grow manioc root, what time looks like to the Pacahuaras and why their language doesn’t have words “to kill” and “to steal.”

To celebrate the end of their journey, Pavel and Ramiro indulge in the Amazon delicacies, trying tropical rat stew, fried armadillo, and monkey soup. Although their trip is over, Pavel and Ramiro keep their spirits high – as this will not be their last Bolivian trip.