Adapting to a new family - Save Our School Ep.2

Living in a village is not easy: newcomers have to learn how to care for cattle, grow vegetables and milk. It was the same for the family of teacher Nadezhda, who fled conflict in Tajikistan and settled in the village of Sennoye at the end of the 1980s.

Now, they are helping their foster children Aleksandr and Stas to adapt to the new family and teaching the boys skills they will need in the village. Nadezhda’s son Andrey joins in, showing his younger brothers how to work with their hands. This time, he and Stas are building a trailer for a mini-tractor, while Aleksandr is out fishing.

Despite a strong bond between Nadezhda’s family and Aleksandr, the teen is still attached to his father, who managed to adopt and take him away. Although Aleksandr only comes to visit his foster family on holidays, he will soon leave again, and Nadezhda tries to convince her foster child to stay.

Find out whether Aleksandr changes his mind in the second episode of ‘Save our School.’

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