Getting kids ready for a new school year - Save Our School Ep.4

The village of Sennoye is getting prepared for a new school year. Tatyana, the village council member and foster mother, takes her big family shopping in the market of the nearby town of Sevsk.

With a monthly allowance of $140 for each foster child, it’s quite a challenge to get everyone ready for the school year. Tatyana has three foster daughters for whom she needs to get school supplies and uniforms.

While the girls pick new bags, Tatyana bumps into Natalya, who has already run out of cash. She brought her sons to choose new clothes. Tatyana helps her out by lending her some money.

After shopping, Tatyana’s family goes to a church to take communion. She tells her foster children how to read prayers and light candles for their mothers, who passed away as a result of binge drinking.

To see how Russian parents get ready for a new school year on little money, tune in to ‘Save our School.’

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