Meet the teachers, fostering children to save a village school - Save Our School Ep.1

As the number of children at the village school in Sennoye fell, regional authorities considered shutting it down. However, the teachers decided to do something about it. They knew that once the school closed, the village would cease to exist. So the teachers came up with an initiative plan to foster children and save the school.

Now, the village has eight foster families, giving homes to seventeen children.

One of them is Natalya, the school’s headmistress and a maths teacher. She never regretted fostering children, Vladimir and Viktor. Like many other families, they have goats and cows which the kids watch and take care of. “Everything we learned to do, we learned from our mother,” the boys say.

Natalya’s colleagues, teachers Nadezhda and Valentina, as well as village council member Tatyana, also help their foster children adjust to new families and rural lifestyle.

With the academic year approaching, the school needs to put a new fence around the facility. However, the fencing turns out to be bad quality. Natalya and Tatyana are furious, saying it’s because the authorities are reluctant to support their school and would instead shuttle bus the kids to another one.

To find out more about the teachers’ unusual initiative of fostering children, how they work to keep the school open and win the love of their foster children, tune in to the first episode of ‘Save our School.’