The 67 Exorcisms of Anneliese Michel | InfoBites

The chilling story of Anneliese Michel became the most famous сase of demonic possession. The young girl endured 67 exorcisms in 10 months and died aged just 23, malnourished and dehydrated.

Anneliese Michel was brought up in a deeply religious family and wanted to atone for the sins of others. During exorcism rituals, she ate dead insects and animals, barked like a dog and licked her urine off the floor. While the doctors claimed this erratic behaviour could stem from her mental health issues, her parents and Anneliese favoured possession. It was mainly because mental illness was stigmatised and could ruin Anneliese’s future.

Anna and Joseph Michel and the priests who performed the ritual were severely criticised and eventually had to stand trial. Medical specialists testified Anneliese’s mental disorder resulted partially from the exceptionally severe upbringing. They also claimed the girl could have survived if she had been force-fed at least a week before her death.

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