‘Japan should leave US nuclear umbrella’ - Hiroshima Governor Hidehiko Yuzaki discusses the nuclear deterrence

The governor of Hiroshima prefecture in Japan Hidehiko Yuzaki shares his take on nuclear deterrence, as well as North Korean commitment to complete denuclearization. While Japan is committed to having a “close relationship” with the US, South Korea and other regional allies, “some roles could be redefined,” the governor says.

Hiroshima would like to see Japan “out of the US nuclear deterrence,” on which the country has relied for protection for decades. “That will give us a better position in terms of promoting the nuclear elimination or disarmament,” Yuzaki says. It’s not necessarily the countries possessing nuclear weapons that prevent a major conflict, Yuzaki says, questioning “the added value” of nuclear deterrence to a conventional one.

“There have been accidents, many misjudgments that have almost led to actual nuclear war which is a really risky situation,” Yuzaki notes. Although North Korea has pledged to denuclearize in the light of the upcoming summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, “we have to really see the actions of North Korea.” Until there is an actual outcome, “we should not relieve the pressure” on Pyongyang, Yuzaki stresses. 

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