‘George Soros would like to invite millions of migrants to Europe’ – Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto

Hungary's Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto talks about Viktor Obran’s tough stance on illegal immigration, billionaire philanthropist George Soros and frayed relations with the EU, as Budapest intensifies its crackdown on NGOs accused of aiding illegal migrants. 

“We made it very clear that it’s only us, Hungarians, who can make a decision whom we allow to come to Hungary. We don’t want to let neither the European Union nor the United Nations to force us to invite people in our country whom we don’t want to invite,” Szijjarto says. 

There is “a very open confrontation” between Hungarian government and staunch advocate of immigrant rights George Soros, who “would like to invite millions of migrants to Europe on an annual basis,” the minister adds, stressing that reports of human rights violations by Budapest are groundless and “take facts out of context.”

However, with migration becoming a “hot issue on the current European agenda,” more and more politicians “understand that letting all those migrants into Europe definitely doesn’t serve the target of a better future of the European Union.”

As for confrontation with Brussels, which has repeatedly threatened Hungary with punitive measures, Szijjarto says the EU institutes can’t accept when “the election is not won by the liberals.” Hungary and Poland, he says, are “two countries where a one-party government has received the authorization from the people to govern the country. Many times it’s definitely not liked by the institutes in Brussels.”

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