‘American unilateralism challenges transatlantic relations’ – ex-French PM

After the US recently slapped steel and aluminium tariffs on its EU partners, former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin joined SophieCo to share his take on the growing schism between the US and Europe.

“Mr. Trump’s unilateralism” challenges “the quality of our transatlantic relations,” Raffarin said, referring to Donald Trump’s decisions to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate change agreement, as well as his move to relocate the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

It’s “very difficult” to build a future with an “unpredictable” Washington, he added.

Raffarin went on to say, “this means that for Europe, its relations with the East are getting more and more strategic,” while asserting that “the group of four, consisting of France, Germany, Russia and China” could serve as “a worldwide axis of stability.”

While “we are not yet at the point of the great shift, the intellectual and political infrastructure is now in place to prepare for a new vision of Europe’s future and, more specifically, that of a strong Europe, within a stable Eurasia,” Raffarin said, adding that Trump is “accelerating” this “destiny.”