Worlds Apart

British media personality Katie Hopkins on Putin, London’s mayor and multiculturalism

Media personality and columnist Katie Hopkins repeatedly makes headlines over controversial statements she makes on issues, such as migration, obesity or London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan. Worlds Apart talks to the anti-Muslim and anti-migrant commentator on Russian President Vladimir Putin, multiculturalism and her provocative image. 

“When you come to St. Petersburg as an outsider, and I’m an outsider, it feels Russian. If you speak with people on the street, they identify as Russian first,” Hopkins says, describing the city as “untouched by the myth of multiculturalism and deranged diversity.” 

Hopkins says the Russian definition of multiculturalism doesn’t match the UK’s, which is “much more about monocultures who live in ghettos and don’t rub shoulders.” There is “de-facto Sharia law in the UK right now.” 

She explains why she calls the British capital “Londonistan” is because “it’s completely fallen to the control of the Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. He is spectacularly useless at his job.”

As for her thoughts on the Russian president, Hopkins says that “Putin rocks.” “Because for too long the West has painted him as a monster, and I don’t think it’s acceptable any longer.” 

While many claim outspoken Hopkins makes her statements just to be controversial, she argues that others wouldn’t withstand “those levels of people trying to silence you if you didn’t believe what you said.”

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