Worlds Apart

‘Who is going to take care of Jerusalem? Us or Hamas?’ An interview with Dore Gold, Israeli diplomat

Host Oksana Boyko talks with Dore Gold, President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and a former adviser to Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu. They discuss Israeli security and the status of Jerusalem. 

“We always had a capital in Jerusalem, and it’s a fact,” Gold says, adding that it was only a “question of reality catching up.” 
By recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital President Donald Trump “has corrected a tremendous distortion that existed in large parts of the international community,” Gold says.

“Does a country like Israel have a right to protect its border?” Dore Gold comments on the violent IDF crackdown on Palestinians protesting against the US embassy inauguration on May 14. “Those who know the Middle East understand the decision to bring tens of thousands of Palestinian marchers to our border and threaten to go inside Israel after taking over the Gaza-Israel border, is the work of Hamas.”

Israel does “what’s necessary to protect itself and to minimise civilian casualties,” he stresses. 
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