RTD’s 5 darkest child prostitution documentaries about poor, illiterate and abused kids

Child prostitution documentaries expose the issue of sexual exploitation of children across the world, from Cambodia to Kenya. Underage sex workers share tragic stories about how they ended up in such a grim industry. RTD's documentaries about child prostitution reveal the grinding poverty and lack of opportunity to break out and the violent treatment too many children have to endure.

Child prostitution documentaries
In Kenya, children as young as eight resort to prostitution. Many underage girls inevitably have children who are born into an endless vicious cycle of extreme poverty and sex tourism.

Watch heartbreaking accounts of Cambodian schoolgirls forced by their parents to sell their virginity to the highest bidder, just to put food on the table. With no other means to survive, children in Kenya and migrant Syrian teenagers often have no choice but to become involved in sex tourism. In some ancient cultures, older men buy access to young boys, they're called ‘bacha bazi’ in Afghanistan and ‘devadsi’ in India, and in both countries, the commercial exploitation is commonplace.