Top 3 Pakistan documentaries show unrest and inspiration in the country

Pakistan is a country caught at the crossroads. The northern border with Afghanistan has brought added insecurity to a nation that has seen troubles since its birth in 1949. RTD’s Pakistan documentaries examine how outside interference has heightened insecurity. They also look at how modern society is challenging the patriarchal traditions that underpin the country. Check out these top Pakistan documentaries.

1. Game of Drones

Game of Drones looks at the use of drones by Pakistan ally, the United States, in the war against terrorism encroaching across the border from Afghanistan. Piloted from bases thousands of miles away, the drones strike targets within Pakistan and have inevitably killed many civilians. The documentary talks to political leaders who question the accountability of such airstrikes.

2. Waziristan: Hard Homecoming 

The Pakistani military has been waging an undeclared war on insurgents from Afghanistan. Inevitably thousands of Pashtun people from the border areas have been displaced. In Waziristan: Hard Homecoming, RTD looks at how the Pashtun who return are unchanged and are as ultra-conservative as they have always been.

3. Knockout Girls

In the big cities of Pakistan, gender stereotypes are being challenged in many ways. Knockout Girls joins the first boxing club in Pakistan for women. Young girls are overturning the belief of their parents, discontented with being forced into accepting marriage at an early age. The boxing club is bid for independence, which some more conservative elements attack.