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Afghanistan’s Loud, Mute Voices

Afghan youth with hearing loss speak through art

“I want to visit a family that's selling a little girl and produce a report about it,” says Mohammad Amin. This young man is deaf, but he’s found his own way to talk to the world — with the help of a camera. His goal is to use photography to show that Afghanistan is more than poppy fields, war and explosions. It has a rich history that has to be seen. But it also has problems, and for Mohammad Amin, it is essential to speak out about them to the world community. And his work speaks louder than words.

He has learnt that his neighbour, a former state employee called Abdurrahim, intends to sell his daughter, which is becoming more and more common in Afghanistan today. Mohammad wants to tell the story with his camera. Learn more about Mohammad Amin and meet other outstanding young people from Afghanistan who can’t speak or hear but find ways to be heard — through their art and social initiatives.