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Following in the Tracks of the Dyatlov Group

Get to the truth of the Dyatlov Pass incident

Travel to the Dyatlov Pass, where 60 years ago a group of Soviet students died in mysterious and macabre circumstances. The half-naked and mutilated bodies of nine hikers lay in groups hundreds of metres from their campsite. The tent had been cut open from the inside. Their deaths have remained unexplained for decades, spurring conspiracy theories that include aliens, government cover-up and the supernatural.

Dyatlov Pass incident mysterious death of hikers
© Dyatlov Group Memorial Fund

As Russian investigators reopen the Dyatlov Pass cold case, the Ruptly video agency launches an interactive project, Dyatlov Group’s Journal; Last Page, retracing the hikers’ final footsteps to shed new light on the tragedy.

Dyatlov Group Journal Last Page
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