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Armageddon Ready

The All-American race to get the swankiest survival shelter

In the United States, survivalism is experiencing something of a renaissance… fueled by the market. Survivalists believe a large-scale disaster is inevitable, and they want to be prepared. To cater for this demand, developers are offering nuclear resistant bunkers in Kansas and even high-end condos buried underground that enable affluent “doomsday preppers” to shut themselves off for a year while the world recovers from a nuclear holocaust.

Robert Vicino in front of nuclear bunker in Vivos xPoint survival community. Still taken from RTD documentary Armageddon Ready
Robert Vicino has built a property empire offering shelters from catastrophic events, including turning a field of military bunkers in South Dakota into the Vivos xPoint survival community.

RTD goes to the Mid-West to tour survival facilities and meet both buyers and sellers. In the process, the survivalists reveal some surprising insights into the American psyche and the nature of the enemy they are trying to thwart.