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Freeze Divers

Freediving under ice, Russian freediver's daring world record attempt

Freediving is a challenge in itself: diving into the deep, pitch-black abyss on a single breath, enduring water pressure and keeping a deeply calm state of mind to stay in control while diving. But some go even further and brave the cold by freediving under ice, which is even more difficult and a lot more dangerous.

World under-ice freediving record
Freediver Andrey Matveenko usually dives in warm, open seas; freediving in the White Sea is his first under-ice experience.

For Andrey Matveenko, a seasoned freediver and multiple Freediving World Championship medalist, freediving under the ice is unexplored territory. Matveenko takes the plunge and decides to go deeper than anyone ever has before to beat the current world record of 75 metres below the Arctic ice.

Freediving under ice
Freediving requires excellent physical health, as well as a calm, relaxed mind to focus on breathing.