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Ivan and the Wolf

A pet wolf in a city flat: cruelty or wild obsession?

When Ivan was offered a wolf cub, he immediately agreed, partly out of curiosity but also to save an animal that would otherwise have been put down. The wolf has lived with Ivan, his daughter and two dogs ever since, and soon became a part of the family, as well as regularly attracting media attention. 

Keeping a wolf as a pet
Ivan talks about life with a wolf on his Instagram account, where he posts photos of the beast on walks, playing with Ivan’s daughter and other dogs, and devouring meat.

As Ivan’s primaeval pet grows ever bigger, it demands more time, care and space. An RTD crew visits Ivan’s ‘pack’ to find out more about living with a wild predator. As we tag along, we ask if it’s possible to turn a wolf into a pet or whether the call of the wild is too strong.