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Mounted Police | City Police Episode 7

How mounted police catch criminals with grace

This might look like a training session of the stunt performers, but it’s not. It’s the Moscow mounted police, and they are not here for show. This mounted police regiment is essential in areas of the city where no vehicle can get. Mounted police patrols forested city parks where horses can easily get through thickets, jump over creeks and ravines. The first riding unit appeared in Moscow in 1686, and since then, they have been a full-fledged unit of the police. Despite their seemingly outdated form, mounted police are still very useful and catch felons by surprise: few people expect to see a mounted policeman in the woods. Besides serving in law enforcement, these officers also participate in equestrian sports and do their best to uphold the Russian cavalry traditions. How does it feel to ride a horse for work in a 21st-century city? Watch our new episode of the City Police series.