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My Father’s Murder: Solved

In the 90s, the Russian city of Novgorod was a hotbed of crime. Political instability led to a surge in contract murders, and racketeering was of daily occurrence. But Novgorod was hit even harder because of its proximity to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. As a result, investigators and operatives had a new murder case every day. The load didn’t get any smaller, since contract kills were common at the time.

No wonder a successful businessman like Aleksandr Sadriev was on the radar of the criminal gangs. He refused to cut deals with them or share his business with them. He had support from the local authorities and thought he was protected. But he was mistaken. Anastasia, Aleksandr’s daughter, couldn’t do anything in 1997 when her father was killed because she was just 16. Once she had the chance, she pushed to reopen the case. Did the new investigation yield any results?