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Seeking Recognition: Palestine

Palestinians’ everyday struggle to get back control of their territories

For Palestinians, life is a daily struggle with Israel for control. Palestine has nonmember 'observer status' at the UN, but on the ground, access to Palestinian settlements, water rights, electricity and medical treatment all have to be approved by Israeli authorities.

RTD looks into how Palestine ended up losing so much land, and tours the West Bank and Gaza to meet people who fight back in their own way. They include a Bedouin shepherd clinging to ancient grazing land and the family steadfastly refusing to give up its ancestral home in Hebron, Mahmoud Aloul, the deputy leader of Fatah, the party ruling the West Bank and Bashar Masri, a billionaire building a whole new town near Ramallah. Will their everyday acts of passive and active resistance ever turn things around?

During Gaza's Matrch of Return, Palestinians run away from black smoke. Still taken from RTD documentary Palestine in Seeking Recognition series.
During the weekly March of Return in Gaza, Palestinians demand the right to return to the homes they abandoned in 1948, and an end to the Israeli blockade of the Strip.