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Abort Me Not

The battle over abortion in the US

Abortion was made a constitutional right in the US after a 1973 landmark legal ruling known as the Roe v Wade case. The Supreme Court overturned that ruling on June 24, 2022, giving conservative states the right to decide in favor of an abortion ban. While pro-lifers hope to legislate against abortion across the United States, pro-choicers believe that denying women’s right to access health care will lead to more serious consequences. Though both of these viewpoints have fierce opponents and advocates, life presents cases that are far more complicated than just 'yes' or 'no' options.

For a woman who calls herself 'Mother by choice' an abortion ban would’ve meant death. In 2012, doctors said she and her child wouldn’t survive the delivery, and performing an abortion was the only way to save the mother. Though her life was at risk, she was forced to travel out of state to terminate her pregnancy.

Yet for another woman, having the possibility to make an abortion became devastating. 'I remember hoping that there would be people trying to convince us to not go in, to change our mind. I was hopeful that I would be turned away.' Twenty two years later she can’t stop thinking of that mistake and still lives in depression and anxiety.

Will an abortion ban create problems or solve them?