Moscow's Outcasts. 06 March 2013 71

Moscow's Outcasts (E3) After her predecessor was killed, Olga volunteers to help the homeless

Homeless Sergey came to Moscow in order to make it big. He is a singer, but the only place he has been singing in the capital is in the streets. Nevertheless, he doesn’t lose his optimism and drive. He is sure that he’ll eventually win Moscow over. Olga is a volunteer who works with Anna. She hands out clothes to the homeless. She got the job after the woman who previously held it was stabbed to death by an ex-convict.

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They've got no home, no hope and no love. Life spat them out of its course and now instead of struggling for a place under the sun they struggle for a roof over their heads and a piece of bread. Some of them have accepted that the rest of their days are going to pass on the streets, but some's hopes still linger on of getting back into the groove.

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