A sniper competition: a novice vs a sharpshooter - Mountain Soldiers Ep.2

The first day of Tulsky and Kotelnikov’s battle begins. From the very start, there are problems with the newcomers that cause Shevchuk’s group to come late for the contest. The first stage is a sniper competition in which Shevchuk represents Tulsky’s unit. His opponent is the experienced sniper, Urusov. The shooting will be tough for Shevchuk as it’s his first time holding such gun in his hands.

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Mountain soldiers live and train in the magnificent, but hazardous Caucasus Mountains. In this series, new recruits learn a multitude of vital skills such as navigation, rock climbing and combat training. Led by their highly competitive commanders, they overcome hardships and take on the most difficult tasks. They improve their skills through trial, error and perseverance to become better soldiers in each episode.

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