Argentinian DNA: Immigrants of Argentina. In search of a better life in Argentina

In the 20th century, Argentina drew European immigrants like a magnet, as many fled from conflicts around the world. They settled in their new homeland and blended with local society. Immigrants from Spain, Italy, and other corners of Europe also brought their cuisine, dialects, music, habits, and sports with them, creating the unique multi-ethnic identity found in Argentina today.

Bolivian immigrants toiling in sweatshops in Argentina
Argentina has always been one of the world’s most open countries for immigration, welcoming newcomers from South America and Europe. Thousands come from Bolivia to work in illegal sweatshops, where they are often subjected to slave-like conditions.

RT correspondent Francisco Guaita meets some first-generation immigrants that arrived in Argentina decades ago, as well as their children. He also talks with newcomers who are only beginning to put down roots. From a Schindler’s List survivor and an aspiring tango dancer from Russia, to an Argentinian tennis star with Croatian roots and an ex-sweatshop worker, each story shows that immigrating to a new country can be as challenging as it is rewarding. 

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