Prison TV (E3) Hello from the prison’s past?

Aleksandr, Sergey and Boris are prison inmates, but they refuse to succumb to the boredom of jail. They found their true passion behind the barbed wire fence: TV reporting. The three friends work for IK-2 TV, a cable channel, broadcasting to inmates from inside prison. While interviewing other convicts and working in different parts of the prison, they discover a lot of new and exciting things about the place, the people living there and their own hidden talents.

The team keeps gathering material for a movie about the prison, coming up with more ideas. Aleksandr, Sergey and Boris ask permission from the facility’s administration to contact former inmates, who founded the IK-2 TV cable channel. Aleksandr calls Sergey Kaynov, who now works as a TV producer. Luckily for the team, he agrees to take part in filming.

In the meantime, they show how a cobbler service functions at the facility and what the dormitories look like for well-behaved inmates.

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