Prison TV (E7) A love letter from outside

Aleksandr, Sergey and Boris are prison inmates, but they refuse to succumb to the boredom of jail. They found their true passion behind a barbed wire fence: TV reporting. The three friends work for IK-2 TV, a cable channel, broadcasting to inmates from inside the prison. While interviewing other convicts and working in different parts of the prison, they discover a lot of new and exciting things about the place, and the people living there and their own hidden talents.

Despite little experience, the IK-2 team sets about working on a music video for their friend Pavel. They figure out how to fix the lighting, build scenery from old voting booths and even make own Steadicam device. Another inmate Mikhail joins the efforts and edits the video. Meanwhile, he gets a letter from a girl from outside the prison. She sends Mikhail a CD with her songs, with lyrics suggesting she might have feelings for him. However, Mikhail is married and isn’t interested.

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