Red Alert | Germany: Fall of an Empire?

In the spring of 2022, Europe, led by Berlin, imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia. Over the following six months, Germany fell into a severe economic crisis, but Europe only strengthened its sanctions on Russia. A gas shortage due to the sanctions is one of the major reasons for Germany's current troubles. The Bavarian Industry Association showed that if Russian gas supplies were completely cut off, Germany would lose 5.5 million jobs as well as 12 percent of its GDP, which amounts to 500 billion euros.

The head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, Klaus Műller, warned Germans that gas prices would rise at least three times in 2023.

Ken Jebsen, an independent journalist, summed up the situation as such: “There is a gas deal between Russia and Germany valid for 48 months that provides the gas price of 3.5 dollars per cubic metre, but we cannot legally purchase Russian gas any more. Yet the gas deal has been signed. Whether we take our gas or not, we still have to pay. We are pumping this Russian gas, which we already paid for, into a storage facility in Poland, but we don't use it due to Washington-imposed sanctions. Instead, we are buying gas from America, at 27 dollars per cubic metre, which the Americans had previously bought from the Russians for 3 dollars. What does this have to do with sanctions? This is rank foolishness. The Americans are laughing at us, while the Russians are thinking: ‘Well, if they think they can afford it…’ This brings great harm to the German economy.”

The German media, however, offers a different explanation. "We are gas addicts," proclaimed Spiegel. Meanwhile, The Bild newspaper provides “survival” tips for its readers. "Wash your armpits, legs, and groin. These are the body areas that you need to wash if you feel unclean." Die Welt explained to Germans why getting a little cold in their flats during winter is not harmful: "It would actually be great if we shivered every day from cold, as this destroys adipose tissue."

Why is Germany so hell bent on imposing sanctions and supporting Kiev at the expense of its own economy and its people?