Red Alert | NGO's Hostile Takeover. What are the real interests of foreign non-profits in Russia?

NGOs are organisations whose purpose is not to make a profit, they are based on the principles of kindness, justice, and mutual assistance in difficult times. Anna Chapman is trying to investigate the true, secret goals of Western NGOs. Entire networks of NGOs have appeared in Russia, and their negative impact on a country’s stability as well as its society, is profound. Take Syria for example, there is a systematic structure for the enhancement of political conflicts in the country, and there are also several instances where the activities of Western NGOs aggravates the situation, not only in Syria but in other countries. Vanessa Beeley is a British journalist who has been working in Syria since the beginning of hostilities. She was the first to stand against Western indoctrination and tried to find out the truth about the activities of the “White Helmets”. It turned out that the main goal of this organisation is not at all noble: rather than helping the victims of war, they actively promote pro-Western propaganda and anti-government ideas in Syria. Watch our documentary to find out what lies behind the pretty picture of NGOs. Do they really have such a strong influence on the course of events around the world?