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Apples of Discord

Sanctions bite back - EU Farmers struggle after losing Russian market

Russia’s 2014 embargo on European food imports cut European farmers out of their second biggest export market. At first, they hoped the measure, taken in response to Western financial sanctions following the reunification of Crimea with Russia, would be temporary. Five years down the road, the consequences for farmers throughout Europe are proving to be devastating.

Polish farmers hold up bags of apples and blow whistles, others hold banners, during a demonstration. Still taken from RTD documentary Apples of Discord.
Polish apple growers have been hit particularly hard by the loss of their main export market, following Russia's counter sanctions on EU farm produce

RTD travels around the continent to meet Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, German and Dutch farmers and Farmers’ Union Reps. They explain how the embargo hit their turnover and negotiating power hard, worry about whether they still have a future in agriculture and question the European Union’s response to the crisis.