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Black Lives: Trap

Why civil rights aren’t enough to make the American Dream come true

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was meant to give Black Americans a fair shot at the American Dream. Fifty years on, however, social problems from crime to housing segregation and family breakdown keep too many African Americans from truly flourishing. Some believe they can succeed if they try hard enough, while others are convinced the system is stacked against them.

RTD travels to Washington D.C. and asks Black leaders who, or what is the problem. Journalist Pear Jr. argues, together with BLM activists, that systemic racism and white supremacy are the culprits. Activist Imam Abdullah Musa and Pastor Steven Parson, a Trump supporter, see flaws in the American Dream itself.

African American families playing on swings at playground. Still taken from RTD documentary, Black Lives 10: Trap.
Fifty years after the Civil rights movement, many African Americans still feel left out of the American Dream.