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China on a Plate

From scorpion kebabs to Peking duck, we try authentic Chinese food for you

Chinese food is loved all over the world, thanks to the popularity of Chinese restaurants and takeaways, but what is authentic Chinese cuisine really like? RTD heads on a yummy gastronomic tour of China’s culinary capitals with three foreign food lovers in search of the ultimate Chinese food experience.

Authentic Chinese Food
The Chinese say there are no inedible body parts in nature, just bad cooks.

In Beijing, Canadian businessman Bruce Niko tries fierce-looking creatures offered by street vendors, Chinese crepes with a twist, and learns the secrets of preparing and savouring Peking duck. Meanwhile, gastro-travellers Gennady Govorukhin and Nikita Rudakov set each other challenges on the streets of Guangzhou, home of Cantonese cuisine, and find out there’s much more to traditional morning tea than the name implies.