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Granny Blade

An ordinary Wonderwoman

Galina Chuvina’s story is like Cinderella. In 2007, the 56-year old retiree worked at the local pool’s coat check when she suddenly overheard someone talking about a new knife-throwing school opening in town. She signed up, and in less than a year, won the National Knife Throwing Championship in Moscow. And it was no beginner’s luck: one sensational victory after another, “Baba Galya”, collected over 50 titles, winning National, European and World Championships and putting seasoned pros to shame. These days, however, she lives a secluded life and rarely leaves her home town. An RT Documentary crew spent several days with Galina, filming the not-so-glamorous life of a former champion and accompanied her to a sporting event in St. Petersburg, which could have been the final one in her career.