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Serbia: Signs of War

The stark future of the Kosovo conflict

The Kosovo conflict has fueled up again. The recent turmoil in the contested region began after plans were announced to ban Serbian license plates and introduce permits for Serbs entering the Kosovo region. Recently, both Kosovo and Serbia came to an agreement to postpone this law on the mutual non-recognition of Serbian and Kosovo ID cards and license plates until September 1. It did help to smooth over the acute phase of the conflict, but it didn’t solve the core problems between Serbia and the contested region.

“Kosovo is a southern Serbian province currently occupied by NATO forces that are turning it into an artificial, criminalized state,” says Feɗa Dimović, lead singer of Beogradski Sindikat

A growing number of people in Belgrade believe that the Serbian leadership has been slow to act. That it is time to solve the Kosovo issue in the same way that Russia returned Crimea; that the region must be brought back home.

What is life like for Serbians in Kosovo? What is the job of the People’s Patrol Movement? Is there a way to end the conflict peacefully? Find the answers in our new film.