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The Missile Capable Buyan-M Corvette: High Seas Hellraiser

The stealthy, shallow-hulled warship that launches cruise missiles

With Combat Approved, meet a Syrian war hero. The Buyan-M Corvette or Project 21631, started as a patrol boat on the Caspian Sea. But, now equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, stealth technology and guns, it can go much further and harass enemies on air land and sea, as it did in Syria.

Combat Approved puts the Buyan-M through its paces during Caspian Fleet exercises, trying out its Duet double-barrelled 30 mm weapon system, its 100 mm A-190 guns as well as the Kalibr. You can also visit the plant which makes the Buyan-M, and learn about the changing requirements for warships.