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The Missile Capable Buyan-M Corvette: High Seas Hellraiser. The stealthy, shallow-hulled warship that launches cruise missiles

The Buyan-M Corvette, or Project 21631, pushes the limits of what a shallow-draught warship can do. Designed for rivers and the relatively calm waters of the Caspian Sea, the Buyan-M has already seen action during the Syrian war, launching Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS positions. Join Combat Approved to see just how versatile the small ‘Hell-raiser’, using its Russian name, actually is.

Climb on board the Grad Sviyazhsk during a Caspian Fleet exercise and test the powerful, 100 mm, A-190 guns with a range of dozens of kilometres. Inspect the impact of the Kalibr missile during combat training. See how the Duet, a double-barrelled 30 mm weapon system with a rate of fire of 10,000 rounds a minute, can save the Buyan-M from both airstrikes and naval mines, and learn about its radar-resistant cowling.

This is not the only stealth feature of the Corvette, built, as Combat Approved finds out during a tour of the Zelenodolsk plant, without portholes for invisibility. Project 21631 can also deploy a decoy aerosol curtain of chaff clouds to confuse enemy missiles.
The surprisingly manoeuvrable corvette can also lay mines so that it can carry out a wide range of missions. The designers have more up their sleeve and Combat Approved gets to ride on the scale model of the next generation: a trimaran, complete with helipad.

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