Combat Approved

Vikhr: Reborn as Robot. Russian Unmanned Ground Vehicle equipped with drones and a precision battle module

Russia’s Vikhr ВMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle has been a reliable ground weapon since the 80s. The latest model has now been upgraded with robotic technology and can also function as an unmanned ground vehicle. A commander, gunner, and driver can perform their combat duties in safety by operating the vehicle remotely. Six cameras, mounted all around the hull allow them to monitor the combat situation from a distance. Additionally, There's also a drone to overfly the immediate vicinity to provide an extra set of electronic eyes.

Combat Approved puts all of Vikhr’s weapons to the test, including its 7.62 machine gun, AGS-17 grenade cannon and the primary weapon, a 30mm cannon.

We also get to check out Vikhr’s auxiliary scouting tools like the small remote-controlled robot that’s attached to the hull. It can be used to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield or drop a landmine. It can also sneak up on an enemy and destroy it by self-destructing.