Combat Approved

A Pirate's Nightmare: Russia's Special Operations Craft. Armed and armoured - the powerful little assault craft that packs a big punch

Project 02800 is Russia’s new high-speed assault landing craft  or Special Operations Craft specially designed to combat sabotage and terrorists. It was designed for the rapid deployment of up to 10 marines or Special Forces soldiers to combat zones. It could for example storm vessels seized by pirates or even secure an undeveloped shoreline.

The Special Operation Craft was built to be just the right size to fit in the low and narrow stern of a patrol ship. It can quickly dock with or be launched from the mother ship, which doesn't even have to stop.

This state-of-the-art boat is fast, with a top speed of up to 80 KPH but it can stop just as quickly. Unlike most vessels, the Special Operations Craft can’t just move forwards and backwards, but sideways too. It’s also well protected with high-grade armour that can deflect enemy gunfire. 

Join Combat Approved for a ride on the latest military dreamboat to find out what it can do and see what other surprises the designers have up their sleeves: from a self-righting rescue vessel, to a remote controlled robot boat that can defend a landing party from the water.