Combat Approved

Submarines of the Northern Fleet: The Beast Division - Part 1. Welcome aboard Russia’s deep-sea nuclear Shchuka-B class boats

Discover the ‘Beast Division’ of the Northern Fleet – multi-role Shchuka-B class submarines. These hunter submarines form the backbone of the unit and have equally bellicose names: Panther, Cheetah, Tiger, Wolf, Wild Boar, and Leopard.

Despite being third generation submarines, the underwater ‘predators’ have been reliable boats carrying out missions to track potentially dangerous vessels and to defend strategic subs while staying invisible. 

Combat Approved goes to the Gadzhiyevo base in the Murmansk region for a unique opportunity to climb inside the Panther. Crew members take us on a tour and show off the main control room, explain why mess hall posters display known NATO aircraft characteristics, and proudly exhibit the Beast Division’s emblem.

With Combat Approved, visit the Nerpa shipyard to see the boat Wild Boar under repair, and take a look at the training facility where submariners hone their survival skills for all kinds of emergencies. For more about the sea ‘beasts’ and those serving on them, tune in for the full episode.