Combat Approved

Mi-28 UB: Combat, Training, One-Of-A-Kind Helicopter. Advanced Night Hunter with Dual Control System

The Mi-28UB is a flying fortress that boasts high manoeuvrability and unique new features. It’s an improved version of the battle-tested Mi-28N Night Hunter ground attack helicopter, now operational for both training and combat missions.

A new dual control system on the Mi-28UB allows a trainee pilot or an instructor to operate the aircraft, while simulation control can prepare the crew for the worst in mid-air. It also has energy-absorbing seats that ensure the crew’s survival during an emergency landing, as well as improved avionics and even automatic parking. 

The Mi-28UB is armoured to shield the crew from enemy fire. Its windshield can resist a direct hit from a heavy machine gun, and its doors can withstand 23mm automatic rounds. The new chopper retains all the combat capabilities of the Night Hunter, which was used against terrorist targets in Syria.

Join the Combat Approved correspondent on a demonstration flight in the Mi-28UB. The pilot shows the machine off, performing basic manoeuvres and some incredible tricks.