Combat Approved

Kremlin Fireworks. The soldiers and workers behind the bangs

There is nothing quite like fireworks for re-igniting our childhood sense of wonder. Combat Approved goes behind the scenes of the Russian Army’s greatest show of the year, the Kremlin’s Victory Day Fireworks display.

Meet the Fireworks Division commander in charge of what is a weeks-long military operation, during which soldiers place truckloads of launchers packed with mortars all over the city. Visit the Piro Ross factory, which makes large-calibre pyrotechnic charges that explode into huge, fiery flowers.

Go back in time to discover the origins of fireworks, a Chinese mix of bamboo, gunpowder and fire as well as the cannon salvos that celebrated each Soviet victory during World War Two. Learn which chemical reaction turns a flame green and take a front seat in RT’s very own fireworks test area, as fireballs detonate right in front of the camera.