Combat Approved

Ka-52 Alligator: Strike Helicopter. The Tank Destroyer

The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is one of the Russian Air Force's most powerful and advanced anti-tank helicopters. Its impressive flight and combat capabilities make the Alligator a highly manoeuvrable flying armoury that can operate around the clock in almost all weather conditions.

The Alligator can fly backwards, sideways, and soar as low as nine metres. Its contra-rotating rotors are driven by two engines, each delivering 2,400 horsepower. The Ka-52 can even perform complex aerobatic stunts like the funnel and zoom – even while loaded up with almost three tonnes of powerful weapons.

Armed with an anti-aircraft gun, guided Ataka missiles and unguided S-8 rockets, the Alligator is a menace to targets on the ground and in the air. This attack helicopter's cockpit is armoured to keep the crew safe from bullets and it has an electronic jamming system to fend off incoming missiles.

In an emergency, a unique escape system allows both pilots to eject safely after the rotor blades have been jettisoned.

Check out this fearsome war machine with Combat Approved. In this episode, we visit the Arsenyev factory where the Ka-52 is built, take a ‘test-drive’ to see how this super-chopper performs and join in for a mock dogfight. We also meet the commander of the first military unit to fly Alligators on active duty.