Combat Approved

The Military in the Arctic - Part 2. Across a frozen sea aboard Russian ATVs

Russian all-terrain vehicles continue their journey across the Arctic to Kotelny Island. However, the crew has to deal with a major incident after the heaviest machine in the fleet, the Vityaz DT-30 PM, lost its trailer which was submerged in icy waters after the ice cracked.

The expedition members spare no effort to haul it from the ice hole. If they don’t, they risk losing a lot of vital fuel. Exposing these vehicles to the most extreme scenarios is exactly the purpose of the Arctic expedition. And the hardest part is yet to begin!

The journey now lies across Laptev and Sannikov Straits. The crew has to check the thickness of the ice constantly.

Tune in to Combat Approved and see how these mighty vehicles reach their destination, and then decide on a daring route back home: directly across the frozen Laptev Sea.