Combat Approved

Submarines of the Northern Fleet: Beast Division - Part 2. Getting under the skin of Shchuka-B nuclear subs

Combat Approved continues to explore the ‘beasts’ of Russia’s Northern Fleet. This time you’ll get an up close look at Project 971 Shchuka-B submarines. We’ll examine the unique features of these underwater behemoths and meet the brave seamen who man them on board a sub named Pantera.

The submariners tell us about their life underwater, revealing a few details about their extensive wardrobe and explaining why sonar operators are especially important on Shchuka-B subs. You’ll also find out why it’s vital to drink wine on a nuclear submarine.

Then, we visit Gidropribor, the biggest torpedo design bureau in Russia. Here, you’ll learn what’s so special about the 65-76A 650mm torpedoes on these subs and why these weapons have forced Western fleets to change their ship formations.

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