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Nebo-M Radar Complex: The Stealth Buster. Multi-range radar station that tracks ballistic missiles, stealth planes & drones

Drones, ballistic missiles, planes and even those employing stealth technology can’t hide from the Nebo-M. It’s a mobile radar station that spots and tracks airborne targets with two radar systems operating in different frequency ranges. 

The Nebo-M consists of three trucks carrying a giant, swimming-pool-sized antenna, a smaller one, and a command post module. Together they scan airspace at a range of 1,800 km and an altitude of 1,200 km. 

The Nebo-M takes just 15 minutes to deploy and its mobility enables positioning in any required direction. It also has strong jamming protection and works even if its radar systems get knocked out.

Join Combat Approved to see how it’s built and whether the mighty Nebo-M can actually detect something as small as a commercial drone. Not to mention what else Russian developers have up their sleeve.