Combat Approved

Prokhod: Armour-plated Minesweeping Robot. Remote bomb-neutralizing & movement in automatic mode

Prokhod is an advanced robotic demining system based on the BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It's always the first to enter a danger zone to provide others with safe-passage. Unlike other Russian army minesweeping machines, Prokhod can be operated either manually or remotely and can drive from place to place in automatic mode.

This robotic minesweeper is capable of near-autonomous movement, following a specific route with start and end points programmed in by a driver who can also steer the Prokhod from the safety of a remote command post.

Prokhod is designed to deal with various types of mine with a modern TMT-C trawl that clears a path 4-metres wide. Prokhod is also protected by strong armour and a 12.7mm machine gun to help an onboard crew defend itself. Combat Approved sets out to put this clever piece of hardware through its paces on an improvised minefield with real explosives. Tune in to see what the amazing Prokhod can do!