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Tor: In Pursuit of the Uncatchables. Russia’s mobile anti-missile vehicles can knock out any barrage

Russia’s Tor air defence system is a tracked vehicle that can take out everything from falling bombs and cruise missiles to fast fighter jets and supersonic anti-radar missiles – all while travelling at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The modernised M2 version’s missiles can engage as many as four targets up to 32 kilometres away and intercept threats flying as low as three metres above the ground.

Each vehicle carries 16 missiles that can be launched on the move and has a powerful radar system that can track multiple targets simultaneously, as well as TV and thermal cameras. Tor units are also programmed to take down drones and can hit targets as small as a tennis ball. It can even hone in on targets made from materials difficult for radar to detect.

The Tor system is highly versatile and can provide air defence in many different situations. Multiple Tor vehicles can work together as a battery capable of shooting down a barrage of threats of various types coming in from different directions. In recent tests in Belarus, the Tor system successfully shot down missiles launched by a Grad multiple-rocket system. Tor vehicles can provide cover for army units while on the move in any weather all year round, and can even be deployed on the deck of ships to provide extra air protection at sea.

A special version of the Tor has been designed for extreme Arctic operations. This 50-tonne monster can negotiate the worst mud and ice, conquer hills with slopes as steep as 35 degrees, and can swim too!

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