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Torched: Sri Lanka's Economy

The country's collapse due to fuel shortage

‘Now, this jar of milk costs 850 Rupees. It used to cost 400. We can’t afford it anymore,’ says a local Sri Lankan woman standing in front of the empty kitchen shelves. Her family can’t buy enough food for the children and struggles to survive another day. In Sri Lanka, it is common, as, in 2022, prices doubled and continue to rise. That happened because of a fuel shortage. Sri Lanka is entirely dependent on importing energy resources and has no money to buy them from Western countries. Since the US put an embargo on Russian oil and gas, many countries faced economic downfall, and Sri Lanka is among those struggling the most.

Today Sri Lanka is shaken by riots. The government has to battle both the economic crisis and the civil unrest. Who will win the battle, and what awaits the country in the near future?