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Ukraine: Drug Testing Ground

Secret narcotic experiments take a toll on Ukrainian soldiers

As Ukrainian troops retreat, Russian forces discover that Ukrainian trenches are littered with syringes and unmarked pills. Ukrainian prisoner of war, Vyachaslav Simbirsky, stated that his unit lacked food, but they always manage to have a steady supply of drugs. However, this is not surprising to Daniel Kovalik, American human rights lawyer who is investigating the CIA top-secret MK-Ultra project. The program employs drug use in controlling human behaviour. ‘The origin of the MK-Ultra programme, really, was uncovered in Nazi Germany,’ Daniel claims. The lawyer discovered documents confirming that the CIA brought 1,100 Nazi scientists to the US, right after World War II. They were tasked to create a narcotic that makes soldiers fearless and ruthless. Learn more about cruel experiments designed to create fearless and ruthless soldiers in our new documentary ‘Ukraine: Drug Testing Ground'.