The Dorm (E15): Surf, Sun, & Swine: Perfect summer break gets off to a rough start

The first year of study is over, and it’s time for summer break. A fantastic sea and sun vacation awaits at Bauman State’s student camp, but first Akhmed, Andrey, and Arseny must check out of their dorm. The problem is, their rooms have to pass inspection, and they are, to put it mildly, disgusting. So, what’s to be done? Sneak out of a second-floor window, of course! After escaping unnoticed, the trio head to the airport and fly to Crimea, but Arseny’s landing proves to be bumpy when his baggage is lost.

While the friends visit a local market to get him some new clothes, they can’t resist buying an attractive pig. However, getting to their final destination with their new friend isn’t easy, and he gets lost in unfortunate circumstances along the way. When they finally reach the camp, they’re more than a little shocked by the state of the accommodation, but after their first dip in the Black Sea, no one has any complaints.