The Dorm (E20): Makeovers & mayhem back at the dorm

Summer vacation is over, and Akhmed, Andrey, and Arseny are back at their dorm in Moscow. Akhmed meets a makeup artist named Zifa at a club. He invites her to the dorm to brighten up the friends’ dull lives by giving them a makeover. Akhmed also secretly hopes she will help Arseny get over his fear of girls. Zifa sets to work on Arseny, and some serious flirting ensues. However, Arseny is a little taken aback when he ends up looking like a Geisha girl. Then Andrey is transformed into a village tramp. It’s very stuffy in the dorm, so the whole crew moves outside. After smearing Andrey with fake blood, they play a practical joke on people in a park, who think he’s been seriously injured. Even Akhmed feels a little guilty after they seriously scare some unsuspecting seniors. Finally, it’s time for Zifa to leave, but Akhmed and Andrey are disappointed when Arseny isn’t up to the task of returning the dazzling blonde’s apparent interest.